The room that does not physically exist as such but made by software to appear are called as virtual room.


1. The room will not be available for sale, we can use it for hotel staff use.

2. Assume a scenario:

Guest A wish to checkout from Room 101 (The guest has taken his/her luggage from the room, physically) and Guest B is willing to check-in on room 101 at the same time.(Guest B's waiting at the reception to fill the registration form and submit identity). 

While Guest A reach the reception to complete the checkout process, he/she noticed, there is some problem with the Credit Card and lacking with cash. 

Now, the software will not allow to checkout the guest unless the balance is ZERO. And on another hand, Guest B is waiting with identity handy to complete the check-in process but, the software will not allow to check-in because the previous guest is not checked as per the software.

This critical situation can be managed with the help of Virtual Room.

We can move Guest A into the virtual room and check-in Guest B into the actual room.