Query: Cash drawer gets open on all the operation including settlement and KOT print, there are some check points to make it work only when the settlement was done.


1.If the cash drawer is printer driven, we need to check whether the client is using windows printer template or the Line printer Template.

2.If the client is using the windows printer template, there none of the cash drawer settings will be applicable as it works based on the printer drivers.(If the client doesn't want to change the template then they must need to make the separate printers for the
KOT and the receipt. Otherwise, it will open the cash drawer in both KOT print and receipt settlement).

3. If the client is using the Line printer template and still cash drawer gets open on all the operations, then you must need to close the cash drawer setting from the printer properties(Printer Properties >> Advance setting >> Cash drawer: NO). In this case, 

Cash drawer will only open when the settlement will be done and not at the time of KOT print.

4. Apart from the Printer driven cash drawer, It will work based on the cash drawer configuration.