Q: How to track the record for the rate of the complimentary item when the complimentary item is an open item.?


1) Your item which you want to sell as complimentary but open item, You need to set below two check mark (1.Item price can be changed & 2.Ask for Change Price) into that item.

Please refer below screenshot


2. ) Goto eZee Burrp Backoffice >> Click on eZee Logo >> Click on option >> Goto Display  >> Check Mark 

       Refer below screenshot

3.) Goto eZee Burrp and Create Receipt with the Complimentary item but open item 

      Refer below steps.


      - Punch item so it will ask for entering price so you can change the price to the one which you want. [Here its changed to 120]



          - So as shown in below screenshot it will show 120 for that item

          - Now you need to select that item and set complimentary item from the option


                      - When you set complimentary it will set item rate to zero as shown in below screenshot and you need to click on Finish Button.


Now go to Reports view and open Complimentary report so it will show this item with modified rate into that report.