Error :

Checklist :

  • Go to eZee FDC > Advanced Settings > Integrations > MyKad Integration , This configuration should be as per below screen shot.
  • NextGen version must be 177.6 or latest.

Cause : This error can come when the correct MYID.dll is not registered on the machine. It can be a mistake of the person doing integration OR due to one change which was there in 177.6 version SP of NextGen.

Solution : Follow below steps.

Step 1: Close eZee Front Desk.

Step 2: Download and Extract 
this zip, Copy and Replace the extracted files to eZee Application folder 

            i.e C:\Program Files (x86)\eZee\eZee FrontDesk NextGen

Step 3: Run reg.bat file as administrator, this should give you success message (
facing error in registration ?), now you can test scan MyKad from Front Desk.

It should be working now.