Sales Report, Sales Summary &  Daily Sales Report showing Difference.

Example :

Sales Report is showing 1423.49

Sales Summary is showing 1410.67

Daily Sales is showing 1410.67

Why is the difference ?

Answer is below :

Sales Report :

Sales Report : Net Amount(1423.49) = Amount (1324.31)+ Tax (99.18)

Sales Summary Report :

 In sales Summary Gross Sales will be 1324.31 and If you will add 1324.31 & 99.18 Tax it will match where by 

In Sales Summary Total Sales(1410.67) = (Gross Sales {1324.31} +Tax {99.18}) - Discount {12.82}

Daily Sales:

Calculation in Daily Sales report is as well same as Sales Summary Report

If you will observes the discount in Daily Sales and Sales Summary report is bifurcated and its not came in calculaton so it was coming 1410.67

Amount 1423.49 - 12.82 =  1410.67  Means Report are matching.

What we learn from this

"Every report is having its own role, If you will try to match amount with just a total amount without knowing meaning of that specific total field(i.e  Gross Amount, Amount, Net Amount - They all having Calculation like some will comes with discount and some will not)" so its not gonna a match in that sense."

Conclusion : Reports are matching as per above calculation