In order to show menu items on Kitchen Display System (KDS) that get punch from eZee POS Burrp, please follow below steps and screen shots.

Step: 1 

Create Kitchen Monitor from eZee POS Back office.  

eZee POS BackOffice >> Tools >> Kitchen Monitor >> NEW 

Please follow below screen shot.

Step 2:

Select menu item that you want to display on your KDS system, while taking orders.  

You can assigned KDS Monitor to menu item while creating it.

Step 3 : 

You can also assign KDS monitor to menu items in bulk by selecting those Menu items from menu configuration.

Refer below steps :

eZee POS Back office >> Outlet >> Advanced Configuration >> Printer Tab >> Check Mark “Kitchen Display” and select KDS.

Here, You can assign KDS to selected Menu items by clicking on Apply Selected Button as well as all Menu items by clicking on “Apply All” Button. 


Step 4: 

After done with eZee POS Back Office Setting, we nee to make sure to enable KDS option from eZee POS Burrp.

Please refer below FAQ link, in order to enable KDS in POS Burrp.